This information was provided by an Independent Distributor who followed the progress of five Athletes before, during and after taking Protandim over a period of 18 months.  There are no claims being made because everyone who takes Protandim may have individual results.

      High School Athletes on Protandim 2012-2013

                      Five High School Athletes Followed and below are their results.

In January of 2012 my son started taking Protandim.   My son is a track athlete and participates in the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 4x200 meter dash and the 4x100 meter dash.  I had already heard about the impact it was having on athletes in regards to recovery and thought it may benefit my son as well.  Protandim had already been approved by the BSCG or the Banned Substance Control Group.  Also I had done other research and came across the Virginia Commonwealth University study.  In the study it talked about how Protandim increases Glutathione which is an enzyme that the body naturally creates by 300%.  When I managed health and wellness stores athletes that trained in nearby gyms would come in and ask for Glutathione.  So I was aware of this enzyme and that it was helpful for athletes. My son began taking Protandim in January of 2012 two weeks prior to his first indoor track meet.  During the first meet after running 3 of his 4 events he came to me and told me that he was not tired as he normally would be and felt as though he could run his last event at full effort.  He then said “I think it is the Protandim”.  He competed very well and had increased his speed in the last event the 200 meter dash to his personal best.  I did not want to pass any judgment at this time, but waited to see what his responses were as well as his times in upcoming meets.  In numerous conversations with my son he continuously talked about how fast he was recovering from each event and was able to compete in each of his events at 100% effort as opposed to in the past only being able to run some of his races at maybe 90%.  As a result his times improved throughout the indoor and outdoor track season and resulted in him winning the state 100 meter championship as the fastest male in the State of Ohio.  In my own opinion based on the observations that I noticed throughout the entire track season was that, while Protandim did not simply make him faster, it played a vital role in recovery therefore being able to compete at his highest level in all his events.  I also noticed that during the season the fatigue that usually sets in from a long, tough season did not occur and he was injury free.

Jump ahead to 2013 we decided to approach several parents and ask them if they would allow their kids on the track team to take Protandim and see what their results would be.  We were able to get 3 additional kids to participate.  Here are those results:

Athlete #1   Female sprinter

Events – 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 4x200 relay, 4x400 meter relay

Prior to taking Protandim 100 meter personal record time 12.27…   average times in this event were 12.27 to 12.45

Prior to taking Protandim 200 meter personal record time 25.33… average times 25.33 to 25.87

Athlete #1 began taking Protandim May 1, 2013…their first event after taking Protandim was May 5th :

100 meter dash – 11.91 new personal record (placed first)

200 meter dash – 24.87 new personal record (placed first)

May 15th   Conference Championship

100 meter dash – 12.15 (placed first)

200 meter dash -  24.59 new personal record (placed first)

May 24th  District Championship

100 meter dash – 11.91 (placed first)

200 meter dash – 25.16 (placed first with terrible weather conditions)

May 31st   Regional Championship

100 meter dash – 11.78 prelims…11.80 in finals (placed first) personal record

200 meter dash – 24.15 new personal record (placed first)

June 8th   State Championship

100 meter dash – 11.93 (placed second in the state)

200 meter dash -  24.17 (placed second in the state)

In an interview with athlete #1 when asked what has been the difference since taking Protandim? Her response was that she felt as if it gave her more stamina to be able to participate at her highest level throughout all of her events.  She made specific references to the fact that when she started taking it half of the track season was already over and she had started to feel fatigued.  Protandim gave her a renewed feeling of energy to compete at a higher level.  

Keep in mind that athlete #1 also ran in two other events along with the 100 and 200 meter dash.  The 200 is her second to the last event which is followed up by running the 4x400 relay for a total of 4 events.  Although in the relays we do not have before and after personal times of the athlete, the results were a first place finish in the 4x200 in the state in which athlete #1 anchored and came back from a five stride lead of another runner to win by 5 strides.  She also ran the 1st leg of her teams 4x400 relay team and handed the baton off in 1st place.  Also athlete #1 can account for over half of her team points in winning the State Championship.

In summary, this athlete within several days began to feel an increased energy level along with a quicker recovery time and was able to compete in all of her events at a much higher level.  

The next athlete #2 is a male high school track sprinter and long jumper.  He also started taking Protandim in May of 2013.  He too did not start on Protandim until May 1st.  He had a lot of soreness and some concerns of fatigue.  

His personal best in the 100 meter dash was 11.49

May 5th competed in the conference championships and set his personal record in the 100 meter dash of 11.2

May 12th competed in the District championships and set a new personal record in the 100 meter dash of 11.09 

This athlete went on to compete in the State championships in two events.

When questioned in an interview athlete #2 stated that he did not feel the fatigue factor that was not allowing him to compete the way he knew that he could.  He also noticed that throughout the day he seem to be more focused and while usually tired from the long day of school, track practice and meets that would consist of sometimes not getting home until after 10pm, he was not as tired at the end of it all. 

Athlete #3 is also a high school male who competes in 3 events and the one that we noticed the most improvement was the 4x400 meter relay.  Athlete #3 began taking Protandim also on May 1st.  It is important to note that the sequence in which this athlete runs his events.  He first runs the 4x200 relay, 4x100 relay, and then the 4x400 relay.  Athlete #2 indicated that running the 4x400 at the end after running his 2 other events was very difficult on him and he didn’t have as much left in the tank to run it at full capacity.  

Athlete #3 competed in the Conference championships on May 5th and as mentioned before we will focus on this athlete’s improvement in the 4x400 relay.

This athlete’s previous best in his split of running this event was 52.4.  In this meet he ran 51.7 becoming his personal record.

May 15th District Championship athlete #3 ran 51.1 again personal record

May 22nd Regional Finals athlete #3 ran 50.04 again setting a personal record

Athlete #3 went on to compete in the State Championships in two events

During the interview with athlete #3 he felt as though he now had the stamina to compete at a much higher level in the 4x400 relay after taking Protandim whereas before he was not able.  He noted that overall recovery was better and that he did not have to spend as much time in taking ice baths.  

Athlete #4 had suffered a hamstring injury just prior to the start of outdoor track season so he did not participate.  Instead, he was advised by his doctor to go through therapy because it was a pretty severe pull.  He also started taking Protandim in May when he was told by his doctor that he could resume workouts for the upcoming football season.  He began to notice in the weight room that his bench press, squats, and dead lifts were personal bests within a very short period of time.  He had also braced himself for what he knew was going to be a rough period of soreness.  He noticed that muscle soreness was not what he anticipated and he was able to go back into the weight room with very little soreness and workout again at a very high level.  The only difference in his workout regiment from before was taking one Protandim a day.

In summary all the athletes that participated basically had the same results.  They all recovered faster and they all had increased energy and less fatigue over a long and tough season.  All of these athletes are athletes that I have been around and were aware of their performances for over the past 6 years.  So, I was very much in tune with what had gone on in their past performances.  I purposely did not want to start them taking Protandim in the beginning of track season, but to wait and see what their performances were and how they felt physically towards the end of the season.  I am convinced that the results in the performances of each of these athletes is in direct relationship with the ability to recover at a rate that was not there before taking Protandim.

Protandim has many beneficial effects that make it worthwhile for athletes to supplement with, and the direct ergogenic benefits shown here make it an even more valuable addition to the supplement plan of any athlete.

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